Designing presentation slides is a tedious and time-consuming task.

We believe that presenter should spend time crafting, rehearsing and delivering great presentations rather than designing slides. 


Introducing SLAIDECK, the application that... 

...takes your content and builds stunning, compelling and captivating slides, automatically.

01 / Chat with SLAIDECK.Bot

Chat with our bot about anything and everything with regards to presentation design. SLAIDECKBot can give you advice and guide you through the process in creating your preferred slide deck.

02 / Upload Content

Just upload a simple outline, or even sketched slide content, and SLAIDECK builds a polished deck in minutes. It's like having a personalized designer with you.

03 / Enjoy the populated slides

SLAIDECK automates and transforms the content into a stunning presentation. Its algorithms analyze and summarise the content and sift through hundreds of diagrams, images, icons, and charts to bring your ideas to life visually. 


How it works



No more late nights designing slides. Now you can sit back and let them generated automatically.

No worry about designing skill and you shouldn’t have to be. We apply the right design principle in every slide that we are creating. 

No fuss if you have changed your presentation content. SLAIDECK automatically update the design based on your revised content.


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We’re building the next generation of presentation slides design leveraging on the latest technology of artificial intelligence.

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